Passage Door Seal Kits

These Kits make weather seal installation quick and easy on passage doors. They include everything needed to set up long-lasting seals for residential and commercial main doors. Kits prevent air from entering or escaping garages or other facilities. Choose from a variety of styles, sizes, and material options to order the perfect kit for your job or installation.

Sweep Kits for Man Doors

Sweeps are installed at the bottom of man/passage doors to prevent debris like dust, dirt, and harmful weather from entering a facility.

No Additional Parts Needed

Each kit includes everything needed for set-up, meaning no additional purchases are necessary. Kits include compatible retainers with pre-drilled mounting holes, a high-quality weather seal of your choice, and matching screws for a quick and easy installation process.

Kit Styles:

  • Sweep Seal - Brush

  • Sweep Seal - Vinyl

  • Jamb Brush

  • Perimeter Seal