Sectional Clip-On Seals

Sectional Clip-On Seals are easy to install in pre-cut sections and bulk reels of long-lasting material. Action Industries’ current Clip-On Seal collection includes two style options to choose from: Economical Reverse Angle Jamb-Seal and Premium Reverse Angle Jamb-Seal. Both are made from durable material that stands up to harsh weather conditions. Clip-on seals are installed directly onto the garage door without the need for plastic or metal retainers. Seals can be easily secured to the bottom of garage doors with glue or self-tapping screws.


  • Economical Reverse Angle Jamb-Seal: Made from a flexible vinyl compound that won’t crack or warp from temperature changes.

  • Premium Reverse Angle Jamb-Seal: Made from more durable and lightweight TPR rubber. With the properties of both rubber and plastic, this material is highly resistant to abrasions, tears, and weather.

No Retainer Necessary

Action Industries’ Clip-On seals require no additional retainer for installation. Clip the retainer directly onto garage doors and secure it with screws.