Automate a garage door opener to increase security and peace of mind with Timers from Action Industries. Timers allow security systems to be easily upgraded by having programmed events only turn on a device, such as a garage door opener, at pre-determined scheduled times. That means even if someone has a remote control to operate your garage door, if it isn't scheduled to be opened it will not open. Timers turn any garage into an automatic garage-door closer by giving you more control over when a facility can be accessed. Timers can be wired directly into the door operator and have multiple on/off events for improved functionality of your entire garage door system. Whether it is a standard garage door opener, smart garage-door opener, or a wi-fi garage door opener, timers from Action Industries will give you more control over when your facility is accessible. Our selection of timers share compatibility with openers and accessories from Genie, Craftsman, Chamberlain Group, LiftMaster, and virtually every other manufacturer of garage door control products.

Available from Action Industries is the EMX PTM 7 Day Programmable Timer with a simple to operate control panel and up to 15 combinations of daily programs; allowing a wide range of options for customization and added security to any system. Program it to keep a garage door open or hold it closed for as long as needed. Other applications include toggling door sensors/motion sensors, automated indoor/outdoor lighting, magnetic door locks with electric strikes to fully automate access to a facility, timed access for a highly secure entry/exit, and more.