Vehicle Motion Detectors

Vehicle motion detectors from Action Industries are ultrasonic sensors and magnetoresistive motion sensors designed for detecting the movement and presence of vehicles for a variety of garage doors and other applications. These sensors can be used as replacements for induction loops/loop detectors for vehicle detection in an existing security system. Increase vehicle security and remove the need for remote control by setting up sensors to open a garage door automatically. Receive real-time alerts when a vehicle arrives and improve the connectivity of any facility with motion detection products from Action Industries.

Our vehicle detection products include all-in-one vehicle motion sensors with multiple sensitivity settings, for example, the EMX VMD202 Vehicle Motion Detector, to accommodate a wide range of applications and environments. We also have single-piece magnetoresistive sensors like the EMX CARSENSE 202 Direct Burial Sensor designed to work with EMX Carsense magnetoresistive vehicle detectors like the CS303-C-1. Other possible applications include industrial bay doors, drive-throughs, gated parking, or parking garages. Our collection of vehicle detection safety devices also includes control units, sensing probes, wiring harnesses, and everything needed to repair or install a motion detection system.