Windsor P-Bulb Garage Door Bottom Seal

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P-Bulb Weather Seals from Action Industries specially designed for sealing the gaps on the bottom of Windsor Garage Doors. The P-Bulb Bottom Seal design fits Windsor Model 240, 224, 424, 575, 730, 735, 790, 775, 730CHD and 755 series garage doors. The total height of the seal is 1-3/4 inches and is made from a strong black vinyl compound for long-lasting durability. This seal will fit with any Windsor door that has a P-Style seal channel because Windsor has only manufactured one design of P-Bulb Weather Seal. Installation is as simple as feeding the seal through the bottom channel.


  • Also known as WINDSOR-PERFT

  • Sold by the foot and in 100 foot reels

  • Made exclusively for Windsor Garage Doors

  • Total height of the seal is 1-3/4 inches

  • ā€œPā€ bulb width is 1-1/4 inch Outer Diameter with a height of 1-3/8 inch Outer Diameter

  • Made from a strong and durable black vinyl compound

  • Fits Windsor model 240, 224, 424, 450 575, 730, 735, 790, 775, 730CHD, 750CHD, 755 series garage doors and any Windsor door with a P-Style bottom channel